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Annual Report - GARR Cloud

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Users of GARR federated Cloud

In 2020 the number of registered users registered on the GARR Cloud rose to about 1,200. Active users manage about 1,200 virtual machines, for a total of 6,000 vCPUs, 16 TB RAM, 2 PB of disk space and 1000 public IP addresses.

GARR cloud: users by community

The graph shows the breakdown of institutions that use the GARR cloud. The main part is composed of universities, which represent over 46% of users: an increase compared to 2019.

GARR cloud: resource usage by community (vCPU)

The graph shows who are the main users of the GARR cloud resources (vCPUs) within the community. The main component is that of research institutions that use more than 50% of the resources for their scientific experiments.

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The information contained in this document is taken from the "2020 Final Budget" and from the Report on the activity carried out and results achieved 2020 approved by the GARR Shareholders' Meeting in May 2021.

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