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On January 10, 2012, with the birth of the Joint Research Unit, called Research Infrastructure - Biomedical Italian Group (RI - BIG), a national collaboration group was formed. RI - BIG includes research institutions and other institutions that have experience of participation in national and international biomedical projects.

The partners that have signed the Collaboration Agreement for carrying out research and development activities through the RI-BIG Joint Research Unit are:


The creation of this "Joint Research Unit" allows the partners involved to undertake and continue joint interdisciplinary activities with the aim of:

play an active role in biomedical research through the use of an experimental national infrastructural service that allows collaboration with the major European and global realities, also in the framework of participation in European projects, using research infrastructures for this purpose existing and helping to define future developments based on the specific needs of the biomedical community;
promote the adoption of digital infrastructures and services in this sector also through training and communication activities, aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness of their benefits, spreading the skills necessary for their use and extending the scope of application to new realities in national and international field;
activate and strengthen strategic collaborations with top-level companies in Europe and the rest of the world, also through the definition and implementation of specific projects.

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