Scientific Research

Large Hadron Collider

Discovery of the odderon particle

Discovery of the subatomic odderon particle by the international scientific collaborations Totem, at the LHC of CERN, and DØ, at the Tevatron of Fermilab.


INFN CNAF: first Italian site connected at 200 Gbps

With the connection speed of 200 Gigabits per second, CNAF, the national computing center of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), is the first site in Italy to have such a high speed connection to the global geographical network, thanks

The big data therapy

The Big Data therapy

To understand the impact that Big Data have on diagnosis and treatment of patients, we interviewed a complex systems expert, Enrico Capobianco who works at the University of Miami and deals with computational biology and bioinformatics.

AI per diagnosi e cure

AI for diagnosis and treatment

The use of machine learning in the medical field is one of the most ambitious applications of this technology. Cesare Furlanello, data science expert at the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento, introduced us to this last frontier of research.


Uno zoom sull’universo con e-VLBI

Flussi di dati nell’ordine dei Terabyte da antenne sparse per il pianeta da sincronizzare e trasmettere: la rete è pronta per la sfida di e-VLBI

Alieni: nostri alleati sulla rete ottica

Alieni: nostri alleati sulla rete ottica

Segnali fotonici di tecnologie diverse viaggiano sulla stessa infrastruttura ottica e anticipano l’evoluzione della rete rendendo disponibili già oggi servizi 100 GE

Scientific Research

The research community represents the heart and the initial core of GARR users. Of the many souls that compose it, the research is the one that most often manifests complex requirements, both in terms of bandwidth demand and advanced services

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