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GARR organizza l’OpenStack Day Italia 2018

OpenStack Day Italia 2018: call for papers is now open

GARR participates in the organisation of the OpenStack Day Italy 2018, which will be held in Rome on September 21st, at the prestigious Sala della Protomoteca of the Roman Municipality (Campidoglio).

The main theme of the OSD this year will be: "Digital transformation through Containerization and DevOps" and will focus on the latest developments in the use of Openstack. For the occasion, a call for papers was launched with a deadline of 15 July 2018 to participate to the event as a speaker.
To do so, just send a short abstract with the authors contact details and the affiliation on the event website.

OpenStack Day Italia is the annual appointment with the user community of OpenStack, the most famous open source software for working with cloud technologies.
The event is organized by Binario Etico, Enter and GARR.

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