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Workshop GARR 2018

GARR workshop 2018: videos, presentations and interviews are now online

After the success of the 2018 edition of GARR workshop, the presentations, interviews, videos and photos of the event are now online.

IGARR Workshop 2018, "Net Makers", was hosted in Rome by the University of Roma Tre and was welcomed by a large number of participants. About 440 people from the Italian research and education community found themselves discussing on the hottest issues related to networking and the possible future scenarios of networks evolution.

The program was completed by training events on subjects such as information security, public speaking, Docker and SDN. All courses have been successfully met by participants. In the plenary sessions, 56 speakers held speeches and participated in discussion panels on the topics of the event: GDPR, minimum security measures, cybersecurity, network evolution, automation and software as well as regional, metropolitan and campus networks.

All videos and slides presented during the workshop are now available on the event website.

Event website

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